Post-Op Massages Queens, NY

We specialize in preventing our clients from having future complications with any plastic surgery, such as ecchymoses, seromas, dehiscence, intense edema, and fibrosis.


Body Contouring

Speed Up healing. Recover faster.


This treatment helps enhance your post-surgical results and achieve the healthy, attractive, and toned appearance you desire while taking proper post-surgical care.

What are some of the benefits of Post Op Massages?


Help you heal faster.


Eliminate toxins.


Improves circulation of blood and bodily fluids.


Reduce Swelling.


Reduces scar tissue, improving overall appearance.

How to prepare for my Post-Op Massage?

Our professional esthetician will ask about the kind of surgery you had and the surgery date. Before your session, you should: Stay hydrated. Stay active.Wait the time recommended by your doctor.

What to expect from my Post-Op Massages?

Our Post-Op Massages can reduce swelling in your body, heal faster, and minimize scarring and the build-up of fibrotic nodules or hard lumps 

Post-op massages queens NY

What does a Post-Op Massage include?

All our packages are subject to personal evaluation with the necessary equipment.

• Hand Massage
• Ultrasound
• Radiofrequency
• Led Light
• Pressotherapy
• Anti-Inflammatory Body Wrap

Real Patients. Real Results.

Disclaimer: These images are for informational purposes only. Every skin and patient is different and how many sessions you need will depend on your skin type and reaction to treatment. 

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Elvia Urena
Founder & Licensed Aesthetician

Frequently asked questions

No. We provide different types of safe and non-invasive Post-Op massages that help reduce sizes and reshape the body.

Anywhere from 6-12 is recommended. Our professional team can assist you with that. There are different packages available in our spa that can be tailored to what you are looking for. 

You can consult a specialist to determine if the treatment fits your physique and weight.

Every session can take between 20 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the chosen package.


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